Top Chef Restaurant Startup

TV segments

2/10/15 CNBC
Restaurant Startup

12/23/14 Cooking Channel
Taco Trip with Aaron Sanchez

11/7/14 Cooking Channel
Eat St.

8/14/13 Bravo
Padma’s Picks: Top Chef Precursor Series, Episode 5

8/14/13 Bravo
Padma’s Picks: Top Chef Precursor Series, Episode 6 (Series Finale)

5/22/13 Miracle Whip Commercial
World Renowned La Cocinita Food Truck Spices Up New Orleans

9/22/11 WGNO ABC 26
News with a Twist: Street Fare Derby


10/27/16 MSN
12 Favorite Taco Trucks in the U.S.

Spring 2016 Modern Luxury NS
Truck Stop

2/3/16 Eater Chicago
La Cocinita Venezuelan Graduating From Food Truck to Evanston Restaurant

1/31/16 Daily Northwestern
Wilmette couple to open Latin American restaurant in Evanston

7/7/15 Time Out Chicago
24 new dishes to eat at Taste of Chicago 2015

11/18/13 Eater.com
Announcing the 2013 Eater Awards for New Orleans

10/1/13 Nola.com
How ‘Padma’s Picks’ picked two local chefs to represent NOLA on ‘Top Chef: New Orleans’

2/5/13 The Gambit
Cuisine Krewes: Local Food Trucks Make Eating Along a Parade Route a Tasty Experience

1/1/13 St. Charles Avenue Magazine
Street Food in New Orleans

11/14/12 Business Report
N.O. Team Takes BREW Food Truck Wround-Up Title

8/28/12 Where Y’at
Wedding Watch: Unique Wedding Ideas for Your Big Day!

8/9/12 The Wall Street Journal
Street Fight: Food Trucks vs. Restaurants

6/12/12 The Atlantic Cities
Why It’s So Hard to Be a Food Truck in New Orleans

5/21/12 New York Times Institute
Food Trucks Build a (Very Small) Niche in New Orleans

1/29/12 Times Picayune
Food Truck Operators are Hoping for Change in City Regulations

12/27/11 The Gambit
Food Trucking at the Markets

radio shows

8/15/12 WWNO’s Louisiana Eats with Poppy Tooker
Why Don’t We Do it in the Road?

blog posts

1/4/14 VictoriaSelden.WordPress.com
La Cocinita…AKA Delicious Food Truck

8/30/13 Thrillist.com
The 10 Best Food Trucks in New Orleans

8/25/13 BestofNewOrleans.com
Best of New Orleans 2013: Food

7/27/13 TheDailyMeal.com
101 Best Food Trucks in America

6/28/13 GoNOLA.com
Last Weekend in New Orleans: Riverwalk, Rainstorm, & Tacos

5/24/13 Photos.NOLA.com
La Cocinita Food Truck at NOWFE

1/18/13 CityEats.com
Refrigerator Raid: Rachel Billow and Benoit Angulo of La Cocinita

6/8/12 APleasantHouse.com
The Little Kitchen

4/1/12 Corp-Realty.com
Taking it to the Streets: La Cocinita’s Cachapas Recipe

12/15/11 YatCuisine.com
Food Truckin’ with La Cocinita

9/21/11 NOLAFoodTrucks.com
Street Fare Derby Spotlight: La Cocinita